History of Graphic Design Inspiration Posters

For my History of Graphic Design class I did a series of posters inspired by different styles of design that have been used over the years. Styles I Used Include: Post-Cubism Wood Type & Printmaking Gothic Lettering Illuminated Manuscripts

My concept is based on A.M. Cassandre and his Post-Cubist style. I formed the grid of my poster from the actual map of the Atlanta Marta route map as shown under “Inspiration” below.  I also incorporated the bus from the Marta logo as well as the Marta brand color pallete. 
This Event Promo poster I designed is inspired by Wood Type and Printmaking techniques. In my design I used five different typefaces: 3 slab serif typefaces and 2 sans serif. I also used small ornaments to balance out the spacing of the words and make sure there weren’t any awkward negative spaces. I also used a variety of font sizes to emphasis certain words. Overall I believe my design was successful because I was able to balance the various typefaces nicely in a way that complimented each other. 
My design for this 14 year anniversary poster for advertising agency Meat and Potatoes uses both a mix of gothic and illuminated manuscript styles. I used ornamentation for a border and gothic style lettering throughout the design . 
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